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Selecting the right glass

3 Points to Consider - efficiency, security and noise control


There are many types of glass and windows types for residential and commercial applications.

  • Panoramic glass windows
  • Architectural glass
  • Coloured and Tinted Glass
  • Leadlight / Stained glass
  • Safety glass
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Noise reduction glass
  • Enviro glass
  • Reflective Glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Double Glazing

Did you know?

As a building material glass not only allows light into our homes but can provide insulation from noise, temperature extremes and provide protection from intruders.
Glass used as an insulation device can control the amount of heat loss during winter and heat penetrating the home in summer.

By using the right performance glass, you can control your home or office environment and avoid against excessive heat loss or gain.

We will help plan your ideal window and glazing not only for natural light but take into consideration the amount UV and glare protect you may require to reduce solar heat gain and improve thermal conductivity.

At Glass and Showersceens we use Viridian Glass products. For a more comprehensive explanation of the various glass types available please visit the Viridian Glass website.

Types of Glass and their uses

Clear Float Glass is a colourless, distortion free glass providing high light transmission (daylight) and clarity. Use for most commonly used in windows and doors

Toughened Glass is a safety glass that is stronger than float glass and will usually shatter in small, pieces when broken, rather than glass splinters from the breakage of Float Glass. Available in Clear, Tinted, Reflective and Low E glass types.

Tinted Glass can provide cost efficient climate control. Tinted glass also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing and available in colours such as Green, Grey, Bronze & Blue.

Reflective Glass offers greater solar control with a metallic coating applied during the manufacturing process, creating a highly reflective appearance. While Tinted glass may be used to control solar heat gain it provides limited insulation benefit. Available in Clear, Neutral, Green, Grey, Bronze and Blue colours.

LowE glass (Low Emissivity glass) provides improved insulation properties and is a good choice in all climate situations. It has a thin metallic coating on the glass that reflects thermal radiation or inhibits its emission reducing heat transfer through the glass.

Low E glass improving insulation by reflects the radiation rather than absorbing it. LowE glass is available in a range of colours Clear, Neutral, Blue, Green and Grey

Laminated Glass is a popular choice for residential and commercial windows and doors as it offers improved acoustic insulation over normal float glasses.

Laminated Glass is classified as Grade A Safety Glass and made by two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer. The lamination results in a glass panel that holding together even in the event of breakage and can deliver improved insulation properties, security and sound insulation.

Available in Clear, Tinted, Reflective and Low E glass types.

Double Glazing significantly improves the insulation properties for environmental problems like noise and extreme weather conditions. Double Glazing can be used in windows, glass doors and glass walls.

Double Glazing consists of two panes of glass bonded to both sides of a spacer to create one unit. The space between the panes of glass may be filled with Argon gas to increase the insulating properties of the double glazing units. Various types of glass including LowE, Laminated, Toughened, Tinted or reflective glass can be used to build double glazing units.